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Brazilian Travel Guide

When coming to brazil, you will find many places named awkwardly, but what do they mean?

This guide is the beginning of everything.

I will teach you how to translate the brazilian words to english, and notice, you'll not find these information anywhere else. "Why not?" - You're probably asking yourself. Because brazilians don't speak good english, and they definately don't translate the names of places.


1)When landing at 'GRU', the International airport of 'GUARULHOS', (which in my humble opinion should be translated "BIG BELLY INDIANS" or "BIG BELLY FISH") do not hesitate trying to take the bus. Take a cab. And show him this guide with the name of the location you'd like to see.

Imagine you decide NOT to follow my guidance, and take the bus instead. Fine. Go straight ahead and turn left. There's the bus stop across the street. You should be looking for this big long bus, not a mini-van. For this, cash only. They wouldn't accept any other currency other than REAL, plural form REAIS, instead of 'REALS', you don't wanna sound like a newbie do you? Ask for the driver "TATUAPE" and expect a long answer. If he nods, you're in the right one. If he points somewhere else, just follow directions. And remember - NO DRIVERS IN BRAZIL SPEAK ENGLISH - DON'T try speaking with them.

2) Imagine you decided to follow my sound advice, and you had a cab to reach your hotel. Now surprise surprise, if you offer the guy some US$ dollars, he'll smile very widenly and accept, for his modest currency of black market. Try to get some change for the bus on next time. Remember, most brazilians appreciate their own money. 

3)Time to mention the subcities in Sao Paulo. Here goes the list, and the translation, in alphabetical order:

Aclimação: this one comes from the french word, "Acclimation", meaning, acclimatization.

Água Branca = "White Water"

Água Rasa = "Shallow Water" 

Artur Alvim = this is the name of the engineer who projected the station.

Barra Funda = "The Deep Bar" 

Bela Vista = "Beautiful Sight"  

Belém = "Jingle Bells"

Bexiga = "Blatter"

Bom Retiro = "Good Retreat" 

Brás = this is homage to Joseph Braz, he built the church giving origin to the subcity. 

Brooklin = this is homage to the city of USA, NY, "the small bridge" 

Butantã = "the tough soil" 

Cangaíba = "the headache"

Ipiranga = "the red river" 

Tatuapé = "the path for the armadillo" 

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