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Tools / Ferramentas

  1. How do I search for the cheapest air fares? / Como pesquisar?

    First of all,  click on 'melhoresdestinos' link. Now, if you're looking for random air fares, check out the 'OFERTAS DO DIA', on the right of the screen. Simply click on the link of the intended air fare, and it will redirect you to the secure page of the chosen destiny.

    HINT/TIP: Take notes on the air company, the day of the flight, and the time of the day. If you find it interesting, you may re-search on the original site of the air company, and buy it straight from there. Sometimes it'll be even cheaper! ;)

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About the ads contained on this site

  1. How do I get rid of the ads on this site?

    There's no way to get rid of them. Simply ignore them, and, no matter what, DO NOT click on any popping up, 'CLICK HERE', or anything alike.

  2. Hey! The ads are gone! How?

    That's a premium feature. Anyone becoming a premium member can get that benefit.

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  1. Why do you remove the old offers?

    For now, there's no enough space to keep all content I need; I'd require some fundraising to do so.

  2. Why are you keeping old offers posted?

    There are several reasons for that, but let's say whilst I have space to do so, it'll be there, it's interesting to check out the economical growth causing inflation in Brazil.

  3. Hey, I still don't get the idea! Are you selling anything or not?!

    No, arquiofertas is a website which provides purely information regarding the offers, we're starting by BIG cities like São Paulo, Brazil.

  4. Are you selling anything here?/O que está sendo vendido aqui?

    No, arquiofertas isn't selling anything at all, the idea is providing links to the best offers so you can buy for the cheapest price, saving money!

    Não, arquiofertas não está vendendo produto algum, a idéia é fornecer os links para as melhores ofertas, desse modo pode economizar!!

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